Monday, 10 September 2012

Geometric nails

Ok, this is weird; because I am so crazy busy, I know that I won't have time to post the nails I've just done soon, so I've scheduled this post; so it feels kind of like I'm talking to the future as I type this. Hello future mes and future yous! Lol:) Anyway, first things first, new polishes. I went to Superdrug yesterday and noticed that they stock the Accessorize nail polishes and that they were 2 for £5! Good work Superdrug. I've only bought one Accessorize in the past and loved the colour and application, so I was very excited. As I was with my bf I was very restrained and only bought 4. Bf thought 4 was too much, I thought I'd been very good. Anyway, behold! 

L to R; Molten Copper, Dream, Aztec, Coralicious

I'm very excited about using these. I'm dying to use Dream, it's got a really dense small blue glitter with larger pieces of purple glitter in as well:) Glitter heaven! Anyway, I was already wearing my new fave polish (Pray by Models Own) so  decided to incorporate the Coralicious into a geometric design. I love tape manis, I always find they work really well for me:) And the straight organised lines work well for my OCDness. 

Ha ha - hand butterfly:)

My lovely bf helped me by taking the photos, hence both my hands are featured! I really love this colour combo, unusual for me as I usually prefer softer pastel shades. Maybe I'm changing like the seasons.....but that's a deep question and I need to go to bed. Let's hope this scheduling malarky works:) Toodle pip! 


  1. Ooh, I love the colour combination, very autumnal and sophisticated!

    Also... I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, check it out :D

    1. Why thank you, I thought it was quite autumnal as well, it will be getting some wear!

      Wow.....MASSIVE thank you. It looks very cool, may have to nominate this amazing blog I read where there are platypuses and flamingoes and beautiful nails myself:)

    2. uh oh - hang on a sec, I just read the rules, does no tag back mean I can't nominate you? I hope it doesn't! :(