Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Striping + skittles + glitter = yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

He he he, you might notice that I'm a teensy tiny bit obsessed with striping tape at the moment. The thing is, my job is pretty intensive, so rarely is there a time when I get to sit down and do a base coat, then wait for it to dry, then stick tape on, then paint, then peel tape off..........you get the idea, it's labour intensive. 

Aaaaaaaaaanyhoo, I was going to do a simple skittle mani to show off my large collection of blues, but then the tape caught my eye, and as it's the hols...you know what happened next:)

Presenting, stripy blue and gold (and glitter, of course!).

Pinkie - a base of Models Own gold Rush, topped with MO Disco Heaven.

Index, middle, ring fingers - base of MO Gold Rush, then Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream, Cyan Blue, Cobalt Blue. 

Thumb - base of MO Gold Rush, then MO In the Navy:)

Stripy joy!


  1. Yaaaay for Barry M blues! They're all so pretty <3

  2. I know:) My love for blue is like your love for green - and I've finally been able to use (some) of them!