Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Wrapping pressies:)

Oh roll on Friday - this week is killing me! I've been ill all week and so have been spending as much time as possible with the worlds best hot water bottle. 

On the plus side, being off sick has given me time to paint my nails - every cloud and all that:) I t had to be Christmassy nails, obvs, but I decided to go with a slightly unusual colour scheme, pink and gold instead of the traditional red. But I actually love this, and it was really simple. Joy.

The pink in Pomegranate by Barry M (a Gelly) and the gold is Models Own Gold Rush. The sparkletastic glitter is Barry M Yellow Topaz Glitter - I think it and the pink are a match made in heaven:) Excuse the 'scratch marks' - I feel asleep and my duvet struck......dun dun dun!

Btw, this is Bertie, my hot water bottle. Told you he was awesome:)


  1. That is an epic hot water bottle, to match your epic nails :D
    I've been meaning to do some present-type nails, might have to steal your ring finger design since it works so well!

  2. heh heh, he is pretty epic. Ohh ho for it, look forward to seeing your take on it:)

  3. I did of course mean 'go' not 'ho' - a Christmassy pun was not intended lol!