Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Stripes and half moons - NYE mash up

Firstly, happy new year peeps! It's 2013, whoop whoop.

Secondly, arggggggggggggggggh - I'm hanging. Actually hanging. I've tried all my usual hangover cures (cold shower, Coca Cola, cheesy covered potato waffles, sleep) but still feel wretched. Ah well, it was a good night. An afternoon of quaffing champagne (yah, that's how I roll baby!) and then a meal with friends, followed by the pub and then a random appearance at a house party. A lot of partying rolled into one night:)

Anyway, I had my difficult to match dress on last night; a gorgeous cream with black lace number, somehow a total pain in the ahem to pair with a polish. In the end I went for a nude and black mish mash. I have to admit I wasn't happy with this manicure over all, although I do love the thumb. In my mind it was....different. Can't explain it, but this wasn't my intended outcome. However, there was partying to do and so no time to change it.

Half moon and stripes black and nude nail art

I used my beloved Nude Beige by Models Own and Black by Barry M. The middle finger is Black Multi Glitter, also by Barry M. 

Stripes and half moon black and nude nail art

I'm definitely going to do the half moons again, I loved them! 

Black and nude stripes nail art

P.s. I mentioned the other day I was cheering myself up by cooking; these are the outcome. Pork and prawn wontons - nommy nommy.

Right, I'm off to slob on the sofa. Enjoy your first day of 2013 people, I hope this year brings you joy and happiness.


  1. Ooh these are lovely! I love the half moons too, although I think I prefer your ring finger to your thumb. Happy new year to you too =D x

    1. Thanks - I feel a half moon manicure (moonicure?)coming soon:)

  2. Your nails look fab, I need to get/try some striping tape, and those wontons look pretty great too :D Hope you're feeling better today!

  3. Thanks:) The wontons were pretty yummy. Striping tape changed my life - and it was only about £2 from ebay - bargain!

  4. Thank you - it's my fall back colour combination, a bit of a fail safe:)