Sunday, 2 March 2014

Seventeen Mint Choc Chip and Monochrome

Oh my flipping goodness - I finally have Monochrome on my life:) Life is sweet! 

So, the base colour is Mint Choc Chip, a stunning mint green colour - it glides on smoothly, which is was impressed with; Seventeen is a fairly cheap brand so I thought it might be a bit patchy, but nope - as you can see, it's like butter:) 


And now for the magic - oh, I love this polish so much!!! I've been eyeing it up for ages and I'm so glad I cracked and bought it. It's a clear polish packed with large, medium, small and teeny black and white glitter as well as long black bars. I.......just......words.......can'


This also applied beautifully - I placed a few bits and pieces to even things up, but other than that, easy-peasy to get great coverage. 


1 comment:

  1. Mint choc chip looks like such a nice colour! I've been eyeing up this Monochrome glitter for a while now too! This combination works really well! :)