Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Holiday haul!

As promised guys, here's my South American haul - I was bad, very bad:) 

Holiday + birthday + engagement = muchas polish. 

 China Glaze for £8 a bottle - got to love that exchange rate:) L to R: Red Essence, Innocence, Secrets, Water You Waiting For.

 OPI polishes for about £9.50 - God bless duty free shopping in airports! 
Mod About You and Gold Shatter.

 Random Argentinian drugstore - unnamed, yummy glitters! Nommy nommy:) 

Another random Argentinian drugstore - oh well, if you will sell polish for £1.50, I will buy it! 

Revlon polish for £4? Okay! Whimsical and Hearts of Gold FX

Ooooops, nipped into another drugstore.........these worked out about £1 each - the fact that I only bought 2 was a miracle. And also enforced by my bf, who eventually manhandled me out the shop lol! 

And then...........it was my birthday, and my bf's lovely sister bought me these goodies - unbelievable:) 

A Konad stamping kit - flipping AMAZEBALLS! 

A small round up

I've died and gone to heaven:)


  1. Great haul and congrats on your engagement :-)

    1. Thank you so much:) It's probably my best haul ever!

  2. You got Revlon Whimsical???? So jealous!!

    1. It's so pretty, I'm literally painting it on right now - swatch soon:)