Saturday, 22 February 2014

Ciate Pocket Money swatch

Good God, have you ever tried a polish and been unable to find ANYTHING nice about it? If not, you've clearly never tried Caite Pocket Money, or as like to call it, Ciate Vomit. I tried this as part of my clearing the untrieds and just hated it. 

Where to start with this review? The vomit like colour? The terrible application that meant it dried in a sticky, bumpy mess? The brush which was poorly shaped and moulted hairs over my nails? Eurgh, disgusting. The only good thing about this is  that it was free with a magazine. But I have to be honest, if this is what other Ciate polishes are like, count me out! Why would you send out a free copy of something so bad? 

The only way I could wear this was as a base for a nice colour, Nail Pop Bling. But even then I knew it was underneath, lurking.......shudder. 

So, I think Ciate Pocket Money is heading to the bin.................:( 


  1. Yikes! You reminded I have a freebie bottle of Ciate lying around somewhere that my hubby said was the colour of cat poo - I need to dig it out and see if it is this one, lol!

    The glitter is very pretty though :)

  2. LOL - cat poo! Brilliant - I think your hubby hit the nail on the head:)

  3. Yikes - think you got a duff bottle. Yes, the colour is very much an acquired taste, but typically I find Ciate is lovely polish.

    1. Maybe - or maybe it wasn't stored well when it was being transported free on my Marie Claire?