Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Barry M Silk Collection - Forest

I hope you're all having  lovely Christmas Eve Eve? I'm sat with my lovely hubby, drinking wine and watching Christmas movies; Miracle on  34th Street (Emma believes!), The Grinch, Jingle All the Way...........bliss:)

Of course, as I'm watching, I'm painting my nails - today with Barry M Forest from their amazing Silk collection. I've said it before, but I really wasn't convinced with this collection to begin with. Now, I own almost the entire collection!

As you can see, it dries with a lovely matte effect; but that shimmer shows through....


My silly phone made it look blue, but it really is a stunning deep green. If you don't want the matte look you can cover it with a topcoat. But today, I fancied matte:) 

Still planning my Christmas nails, but might have to wait whilst I drink more wine!

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  1. Sorry for being so late to comment - I've only just got back to my laptop after spending the whole Christmas break confined to the internet on my phone! This is lovely and a great swatch - it looks just like Barry M Denim! Are they less similar in real life? x