Monday, 15 December 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Oh Christmas Tree, how I love thee:) I may have gone a bit mad this year, under the excuse of 'it's our first married Christmas in our new house' :) But every penny was worth it!

And it turns out Smokey loves Christmas trees too! He doesn't even care when he sits on its prickly little spikes! Such an odd cat.

 Can this be comfortable?

If you get the chance in the next few days, you need to head to Paperchase; their selection of decorations is spectacular, all the glitter and sparkle that a nail polish lover could ever need. Let's look at some of the highlights;

So, on the left, SPROUTS! Sprouts in Santa hats! Who thought of this, because they are amazing and I want to hug them. On the right, sparkle...ooooooooh, seuqins in a clear (thankfully, for those of us who have cats, plastic) bauble. 

Also from Paperchase, more baubles with sequins in (yay!) and, my husbands favorites, felt toadstools (top right corner)! The tiny multicoloured small baubles are also from Paperchase. They're so delicate and the way the light bounces off of them is lovely.

I've been a bit disappointed with Sainsbury's decorations this year (a lot of shabby looking pom poms and already coming-off glitter baubles). However, these cuties did catch my eye; I think they were £1.99 for 6, they're adorable!

And here are some of my favourites from the last few years, mainly collected on sale from Accessorize (seriously worth hitting the sales for, they're reduced from around £4 to less than £1!).

Sausage dog, owl, ginger cat, sheep - maybe not a traditional Christmas, but I love them so up they go:)

I hope you're all feeling festive; have you got your tree up yet?

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