Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Some nail art for you today guys:) I totally nicked this idea from Jane at nailside, so no kudos for originality, but I do love this manicure, particularly the colour scheme.

Btw, you'll notice by the length of my nails that this is a few weeks old - I actually hated having them this long, they get in the way! I don't know how some of you other blogging lovelies do it:)


The blue is an un-named mini Accessorize polish that I got in a gift set a while ago, while the beige is the wonderful Lychee by Barry M. 


Meanwhile, the silver is one the many drug-store polishes I bought whilst in Argentina over the summer - it's surprisingly good considering it cost me less than 50p! Great coverage, this is one coat only. 


An easy manicure, I urge you to visit the nailside to follow the tutorial if you fancy giving it a go:)


  1. The silver and blue look great together! <3

  2. Gorgeous! I loooove the Nailside cloud look and this is so perfectly executed :)

  3. These colours are lovely together :)