Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween nails - Color Club Fly With Me with black drips

Happy Halloween peeps!

Not sure when it happened that we get so obsessed over this somewhat odd 'celebration', but hey ho, I'm not one to avoid a chance to do some themed nails, so here are my Halloween nails. I wasn't actually going to do any, but whilst going through my unused I found Color Club Fly With Me sitting there sadly, waiting to be used. Perfect. Mwaaaahahahahahaha!

I love this colour, although it's a pain in the backside to apply - this is four coats, and I still had to cover some bald spot! Gah! But it's worth it; as you can see in the close up, it's an unusual polish, more lime green than the photos show, and it almost looks like it's made up of teeny tiny pieces of glitter layered to make the ultimate shimmer! 

Anyhoo, this isn't the scariest of manicures, but I really love it - Halloweeny but not too in your face. Also, only my second time doing drips, I think I'm getting better:) 

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

China Glaze Water You Waiting For?

The good thing about having had a little time off is that I now have a backlog of swatches to show you, including ones from most of my South American haul:) 

Today I have China Glaze Water You Waiting for for your delectation. 

It's a very pretty pale blue jelly packed full of blue, teal and purple glitter that builds up to give a lovely opaque coverage. This is 3 coats. My only problems with this is that it's a very thick polish. The glitter dries to quite a gritty coverage, so 3 coats of polish combined with 2 coats of top coat to even things out makes it a very heavy coverage. Hence it looks to thick, particularly on my forefinger:( 

But dammit, look at that! It's totally worth it:)

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Barry M Countess

Ok, so this is my very first textured polish* and boy, was it worth waiting for!

To start, it goes on very easily. I have no idea if that's the case with other texture polishes, but I was really pleased. The picture below is 2 coats, totally opaque!


It leaves you with a gritty brown, filled with flecks of gold and purple and a reddish tone in some light. Very pretty. The texture is actually tolerable, even for me. However, I do love my shine and smoothness........ I added 3 (yep, 3, it's very textured lol) coats of Boots Stay Perfect Top Coat. 


Oh yeah baby! It really brings out the gorgeous flecks of gold and purple, just stunning. I couldn't stop staring at my nails, it was like having bejewelled conkers on my fingers:)


Wow, the close up makes it look like burning embers. Drooooooooooooooool.


Swoon - I might have to buy the rest of the collection if this is anything to go by:)

* some of you may remember I bought the Barry M White Sequin polish, which was also textured. But I've been trying to wipe it from my mind, so as far as I'm concerned, Countess is my first texture polish lol:) 

I'm back with a mini haul!

I'm back baby!

I really hope you're all well; apologies that my 'pause' was a bit longer than I had planned, but it's done me the world of good. Things are looking up.

And not just because I've had a mini splurge..........

Whoop whoop - the new special edition polish from Barry M - I got the one from Boots (Left) and from Superdrug (Right). Soooooooo sparkly! The red topped one is drool worthy - think it's going to be a Christmas fave:)

I also picked up the bad boy whilst in Boots; Sinful Colours, Hottie. Wowsa!

Lastly, the sexy flakie (surely an oxymoron?) from Barry M and Countess, MY FIRST TEXTURE POLISH! And boy was it worth waiting for..............