Thursday, 30 May 2013

My last untried! Indian Ocean by Models Own swatch


This is my last untried! I have officially used all my polishes! I haven't got round to posting them all yet, but they have all featured in my nails at some point. I've had this beauty in my collection for sooooo long, and I have finally used it. So pleased:)

Anyhoo, here it is; 

It's far too sheer for me to wear without something underneath, so I paired it with Barry M Blue Moon, a gorgeous pale blue with a slight shimmer. I then painted 2 coats of Indian Ocean over the top; it's sooooooo beautiful, that pink shimmer, the delicate blue....drool!

As it's so sheer, I couldn't resist trying it over black - and it's even better! It brings out the copper and bronzey tones.........amazeballs;)

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Summer, summer, summertime.......watermelon nails!

Ah, the sun is out, beers are chilling in the fridge, BBQ meat is being purchased.....and I have the most summery nails EVER.


 I used Shocking Pink and the aptly named Watermelon (from the Gelly collection) by Barry M, thus restoring my faith in Barry M after sequin-gate.

I used my ever faithful nail art pens to add the details that, I feel, make these the shiz!

Enjoy the sunshine peeps, I'm off to laze in the sunshine while bf cooks meat on the barbie! 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Barry M Sequin Effects (White) Swatch

Sooooooooooooooooooo this polish. Awkward silence. What to say?

Well, firstly I don't think I dislike it as some of the other bloggers I've read who've reviewed it. But I'm not a big fan. Here are some piccies to help you make your own mind up.


Like most people, I'm totally baffled as to why Barry M decided to add texture to this. It makes it tricky to apply and the glitter will not stay flat. therefore the whole effect, i.e. layers of glitter, just doesn't work.

That said, there is a certain charm to this; the glitters are cute, and it dries very quickly.


Does anyone else think that this is more of a Christmas polish? I can see it coming out at Christmas (possibly), maybe I'll consign it to the Xmas Polish draw (yes, I have one, because I'm super cool!). I wonder if Barry M meant for this to come out in the summer? Hmmmmmmm.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Hello Kitty Respect with silver studs

Whoop whoop - it's finally Friday peeps!

Happy face:)

I'm especially happy today because I've been wearing the same manicure for almost a week and it still looks amazing; therefore, my new topcoat has proven it's stripes and will henceforth be renamed 'flipping amazeballs topcoat, booyah!' - lol:)

The mani it was protecting so wonderfully is a very simple one; Hello Kitty Respect (a stunning royal blue with a lovely shimmer) with silver studs. 

Excuse the dreadful photos; Smoky climbed all over my light box earlier and knocked off one of my lamps! Toe-rag! But such a cute one....

So chuffed - btw, the amazing topcoat is Sally Hansen Diamond Shine - oooooh I love it!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots - Rainforest Canopy swatch

Hey hey amigos,

Still crazy busy, but some of that business has been exciting prep for holiday business, making it somewhat easier to cope with:) Sadly, I won't be visiting the rainforest whilst hitting South America, so to compensate I purchased this rather lovely newbie from Maybelline.

I have to say, I prefer this Polka Dot polish to the other in my collection, Speckled Pink, which is cute......but this is cuter!




This is a fairly sheer polish, so I layered it over a random jade I found knocking round in my collection. I then painted 2 layers of Rainforest Canopy over the top. It's really easy to apply, although to give a coverage even enough for moi, I did place a few pieces of glitter here and there to even things out.  Et voila.............lovely speckly nails. 


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Maybelline Polka Dots Speckled Pink

Hello peeps,

Sorry my posts are so sporadic at the moment; work is totally bonkers, and I have to admit my polish-loving is flagging at the moment.......but thankfully my interest have been grabbed by Maybelline's latest offering!

I was so excited to grab 2 of their Polka Dot range whilst in Edinburgh - I love black and white glitter polishes, you may have noticed I became a little bit obsessed with Confetti by Loreal, so these are perfect for me:)


It's a gorgeous polish, sheer pink packed with black and white matt glitter, in large, medium and small. The application is great, and it didn't go clumpy like some other polish i won't mention (oh, all right, Confetti; I'm talking about you!). Because the polish is very sheer, I decided to layer it over Barry M Bright Pink, which ended up giving it an almost neon quality; happy days! 


I've seen other blogs who have used this without layering, so I will try it at a later point, but for now I've got to try my other Polka Dot polish, Rainforest coming as soon as i can fit in some more nail painting:) 

Monday, 13 May 2013

Models Own Pink Fever

Hi guys, happy Monday! how are y'all? 

I'm trying to clear a back log of swatch piccies that I have tucked away, sadly hidden from view:(   I came across this lovely beauty last night, and I seriously couldn't even remember buying/using this polish! Could this mean I have too many pink polishes? 

Yes, because this polish is gorgeous and I lurve it; it's sooooooo cute, a lovely deep pink with a blue shimmer, a winner!

Models Own Pink Fever nail polish
Models Own Pink Fever nail polish

As with most Models Own polishes it had a quick drying time, easy application and lasted pretty well (I seem to remember!) Ahhhhh, this swatch makes me nostalgic for my lovely long talons nails:)

Monday, 6 May 2013

Loreal Confetti over Barry M Greenberry

Hi de hi!

I couldn't resist trying another colour combination with my newest favourite polish, Loreal Confetti. This time it's over Barry M Greenberry, from the Gelly collection. Again, it's stunning, and got me loads of compliments:) 


Please excuse the lobster hands; it was the only way I could capture a reasonable likeness of the Greenberry. The application of the Greenberry is classic Barry M; quick and easy with a super glossy finish:) However the Confetti was a bit tricker; only the second time I'd applied it, and it was already pretty gloopy. Sad face. 


But still, AWESOME!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Loreal Confetti over Bourjois Adora-Bleu

Hey hey! I hope you've had a great day and that it's sunny where you are. It's been stunning here, just hot enough to shrug off my cardigan and lie in the sun, but not so hot that all I wanted to do was cat nap lol:)

My pictures today feature a polish that I search high and low for; London, Edinburgh, Birmingham....nothing! Then, on a quick trip home to Weston-super-Mare to see my parents, I found it! I was so excited, I almost bought 2 bottles, but managed to check myself:) So may I present Loreal Confetti!


I got so many compliments about this manicure; on a shopping trip into Brum, 3 shop assistants grabbed my hand and squealed! (not at the same time obvs, that would have been creepy rather than flattering!). It certainly it a gorgeous combo, it made me think of a speckled duck egg:)


The Confetti is lush; small and large black and white matt hex glitter, with a small amount of shimmery glitter, so tiny as to just give a subtle shimmer. Stunning. I have almost all of my polishes lined up to be worn under this polish:) 

Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend peeps, I'm off to the cinema with my lovely bf to watch Iron Man - geetktastic:)