Friday, 28 March 2014

Barry M Silk collection

Oh. My. Flipping. Goodness! How amazing are these? I so wasn't keen when I saw them featured on other blogs - my first thought was '****, the 80's are back!'.

But then...............

This was like wearing a sugared almond on my nails and I LOVED it! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

  Would you just look at the shimmer? Oh dear lord, this made me drooooooooool. And (whisper it) this may be a contender for my wedding day - my something borrowed! Eeeep!

Thursday, 27 March 2014


Oh I've been sooooooooo bad recently! And yet, what with house-hunting, job hunting and wedding planning I've not been able to post:( In fact, I've barely found the time to paint my nails. Foolishly, I decided that I would make as many as the wedding decorations as possible and so have been spending my evenings sewing bunting, making place settings, pinteresting like a crazy nails have barely had a look in. 

But somehow I've found time to buy polish.....

Starting at the top, going clockwise; Barry M Silk Mist, Barry M Silk Heather, Maybelline White Splatter, Sinful Colours Sugar Sugar, Barry M Aquatic Collection Pacific, Barry M Aquatic Collection Mediterranean, Rimmel Sherbert Sweetheart, Ciate Roller Coaster, Ciate Big Yellow Taxi, Ciate Megaphone. 

Swoooooooooon - these little babies are courtesy of one of my lovely work friends - we've been swapping:) 

Oh Barry M - you're so good to me:)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Barry M Sour Apple over Maybelline Blackout

Happy Wednesday peeps! Hope you're having a great week? Ok, so embarrassingly I'm still working on my untrieds, including using up some of those polishes that, as the time, I needed sooooooo urgently and then.....ahem.....lost in the pile of others. Shame faced. Barry M Sour Apple is one of those polishes; and yet it has remained unused.

Until now! I ummmed and arrrrrh about what to pair it with and decided that a dark background would help it pop and boy was I right. I love this combo; what do you think? 



Just lovely:) 


Monday, 3 March 2014

Models Own Pukka Pink

Ahhhhh neon - how you brighten up these dark Mondays:) This is Pukka Pink, part of Models Own Neon Ice collection - oddly, despite its name, it's more orange than pink, as you can see. I couldn't help but top this with Monochrome, my current favourite polish:)


I need to see if this neon 'pops' a bit more when I try it over white, bit I really love it topped with Monochrome:) But then I'd love anything topped in Monochrome lol:) 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Seventeen Mint Choc Chip and Monochrome

Oh my flipping goodness - I finally have Monochrome on my life:) Life is sweet! 

So, the base colour is Mint Choc Chip, a stunning mint green colour - it glides on smoothly, which is was impressed with; Seventeen is a fairly cheap brand so I thought it might be a bit patchy, but nope - as you can see, it's like butter:) 


And now for the magic - oh, I love this polish so much!!! I've been eyeing it up for ages and I'm so glad I cracked and bought it. It's a clear polish packed with large, medium, small and teeny black and white glitter as well as long black bars. I.......just......words.......can'


This also applied beautifully - I placed a few bits and pieces to even things up, but other than that, easy-peasy to get great coverage. 


Saturday, 1 March 2014

Boots Seventeen Charm Bracelet swatch

Wow- anyone else been staggered by the amount of sunshine that's suddenly arrived out of the wintery darkness? About blooming time I say:) I was worrying I'd get rickets!

So, Seventeen isn't a brand that I've used before, but I had a little splurge the other day and found this cutie; a textured old gold polish. I have to say I really loved it, which surprised me as I'm really not a huge fan of textured polish.

It's very thick - this is two coats and it's bumpy bumpy bumpy. Even after three coats of top coat it was still rough as sand paper, so don't think you can shine this bad boy up:) The colour is an odd mix; fine silvery gold glitter with larger yellow gold chunks thrown in - they catch the light nicely and give this a really lovely effect. This is a winner!



Good for Seventeen:)