Tuesday, 6 January 2015

O.P.I Swatch - In True Stefani Fashion





What else is there to say; holographic square glitter interspersed with solver specs - bliss!

Monday, 5 January 2015

A little bit of craftiness - cross-stitching penguins!

Oh dear - turns out I finished these two weeks too late!

I had planned on finishing these before Christmas so that I could put them up on my Christmas tree, but then I put them to one side....and then totally forgot about them! Doh! 

Still, I figure I'm early for Christmas 2016:) 

As usual, these were inspired by Pinterest (the God of crafting lol) and I'm so pleased with them, they were pretty simple tbh, but still! They have induced a severe case of cross-stitching, so expect to see a lot more asap. 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

O.P.I swatches

Ahhh O.P.I - how I love thee! I'd buy these for the bottles alone....there's something so lovely and curvy about the bottles! 

Anyway, recently one of my sister-in-laws has taken to buying me O.P.I polishes for pressies:) This Christmas I was thoroughly spoilt; I Pulled A Plum and What Wizardry Is This were wrapped up, just for me, under the tree!

Stunning - it's already a winter favourite. IRL, there's a deeper purply colour that occasionally flashes into view, but my camera refused to capture that! It applies flawlessly, dries quickly and is just LUSH! 

She also gave me my very first Liquid Sands polish - What Wizardry is This (the name alone makes me happy, as I'm a huge Wicked fan!). I must admit this polish confused me; I couldn't decide if I loved it ir hated it - the Marmite of the polish world. I'll let you decide; the first 2 pictures are without top coat, the last 2 are with three coats of gloss:)

Hmmmm - I just don't know! Anyway, let's end with a picture of something I know I love; Smokey (posing as usual!). 

 Have a great week guys x x x

Friday, 2 January 2015

Models Own / Dog's Trust - 24 Carot Gold


To celebrate the start of 2015, I'm wearing the brightest, most cheerful shade known to man - a polish that makes me smile like a Cheshire cat (or should that be dog?). I won this polish in a giveaway by Emma from emslittlecorner and loved it, but for some reason I never posted pictures!

So here it is, sunglasses at the ready.....


And then I decided to jazz things up a bit........leopard print, the first one of the year (knowing me, there's much more to come!)


Btw, if you're a Dog's Trust fan, check them out here; how could you not love those adorable faces? I'm campaigning hard with hubby to let me get one, but he keeps reminding me that our two kitties might not like a dog in the house......

.....and i wouldn't want to upset this little cutie, would I?