Thursday, 31 January 2013

Swatch - Accessorize Speckle Jupiter/Ladybird

It's Thursday baby - the weekend is nigh!

Righty, have another Accessorize polish with a muddled named for you! Shocking after the Pink Spice confusion. The polish I'm going to show you is called Jupiter on the bottle. However, looking through various swatches at other blogs such as Brit Nails and Never mind Suzi , it seems to also be called Ladybird. Baffled! Totally baffled! And actually really annoying. My camera is totally unable to focus closely enough on the bottle to show you the name, so hopefully you'll trust me when I say that my bottle says Jupiter.

Anyway, enough whining, onto lovely swatches:) These are 1 coat of Jupiter/Ladybird over a coat of Maybelline Deep Red.




Can you believe that when I first tried this polish I almost binned it? I didn't put a base colour on and tried to build the colour up with multiple layers instead. As the red base is so sheer, it took 3 coats; the black glitter almost covered the colour totally and made it look muddy and just horrid. 

It was only after seeing some swatches on Brit Nails (links above peeps, I urge you to check her out, she crazy talented) that I thought about layered. Face palm!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Swatch - Accessorize 3D Glitter Magic

Whoop whoop - half way through the week my lovelies:)

Another swatch from my haul at the weekend - Accessorize Magic, a 3D glitter. This polish caught my eye, but for a while I ignored this polish, because I already own another 3D glitter by Accessorize, Dream, and I wasn't that bothered about it:( However, as I coulnd't get it out of my head, I bought it......and I'm actually pretty impressed:)

It's a clear polish jammed packed to the rafters with small specks of purple glitter and small pink glitter hexes. I put this over my trusty Barry M Blackberry (Gelly) as I don't think it will build up to full coverage on its own.


I'm actually really pleased with this. Unlike Dream, the contrasting, larger glitters stand out in this polish. It gives a lovely depth to what might otherwise be just a standard purple glitter. 



Oddly, from afar, this polish has a similar sheen to Max Factor Fantasy Fire! This polish has restored my faith in Accessorize glitters:) Phew! 

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Swatch - Claire's Cosmetics - unnamed gorgeousness!

Happy Tuesday lovelies:)

Now, I have a confession. I haven't been into Claire's Accessories since my 1st wave of polish obsession back in the 90's. However, various blogs have been highlighting some of their amazing polishes, and so at the weekend I made my first visit in errrrrrrrrrrr 15 years?! Good grief, that makes me feel old!

Thankfully the rumours were true. I was actually pretty impressed with their range. Very reasonably priced, mostly around the £2.50 mark, making them an accessible range for their young (SO young, I felt ancient!) target market. They also had a cute range of nail accessories, such as stickers, glitters, studs etc, again all pretty cheap.

This polish caught my eye instantly. I don't have any square glitter toppers, so I was keen to try it out. And it's blooming great! Look!



It's a clear base full of pewter coloured square chunks of glitter. It applied easily, although there was a bit of clumping, so you'll have to take a few minutes to spread it out carefully. But the effort is worth it:) I've layered it here over Accessorize Electric Purple:)



So, I'll definitely be nipping into Claire's again, great polishes at great prices - who could ask for more?! Toodles for now peeps:)

Monday, 28 January 2013

Swatch - 2True Shade 3 - Limited Edition

Be still my beating heart!


Oh my god, I cannot explain how much I love this polish. I knew it was special when I picked it up (Superdrug, £1.99) but the second I put it on my nail I fell deeply, deeply in love with it. 

It's a royal blue jelly packed with tiny blue specks of glitter, and silver, teal and pale blue large hexes. As I hate a visible nail line (I just can't do it, sorry!) I've layered this over Hello Kitty Respect, another truly beautiful polish. 

The camera cannot do it justice. I ran round my house taking hundreds of photos in different lights to see if i could capture its true perfection, but alas, if you want to know exactly how gorgeous this is, you'll have to buy it. You won't be disappointed. 



There is one teeny, tiny problem with this polish, and that it that it's a bit gloopy. But hell, I DON'T CARE because true love does not see such imperfections! 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

February haul - sparkly!

Hello peeps, hope you're enjoying your weekend?

I had a brilliant day yesterday, I spent almost all of it in Birmingham buying polishes. I literally went only to shops that stocked polishes; Topshop, Boots, Claire's, Superdrug, was bliss. And, without bf with me, I was free to relax and enjoy my splurge.

My new plan has been to only buy polishes that scream at me. You know the ones, they catch your eye and you know you have to have it, it has that special something. All of these polishes had that something for me. So, behold; my February haul:)

Sally Hansen No Chip Topcoat, Claire's Cosmetic polishes (no names, argh!), Barry M Gold Glitter.

 L to R - Accessorize Magic, Topshop Plume, 2True Shade 5, 2True Shade 3. 

Nail Pop Kimono, Nail Pop Glam Rock, GOSH Galaxy.

It's so much fun when you find those polishes that make your heart beat faster - and yes, I think anyone who saw me shopping yesterday would have thought I was MAD, grinning like a cheshire cat, squealing, drooling etc etc. 

I need to draw your attention to one polish in particular - 2True Shade 3. It's a limited edition from  their glitterari collection. All I can say is I think you're going to need this polish in your life - swatches coming up tomorrow so you can decide for yourself. But the second I clutched this polish in my sweaty hands, it went into my top 10! Loooooooooooooove:)

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Best of British Weekly Round Up 26th January 2013

So, what has everyone been up to this week? Well, I'm glad you asked!

British Nail Bloggers

This week Emma was inspired by a game in amongst other 31 Day Challenges over at Emma's Little Corner.

Lyndsay at Pie's Eyes has been stamping again Glittery Tiger Stripes are this weeks offering.

Beccy at Two Days Slow has been working on her stamping technique with gold flowers on a purple base.

Sue in Lacquerland has been playing with colour this week Lush & Lynnderella.

Lou has been whipping out comparisons and dupes for Chanel Malice in the first of an irregular feature over at Painted Nails & Baking Scales.

If your a lover of sprinkles check out Accessorize Dragonfly over at Wendy's Delights.

Danielle swatched the new Mariah Carey for OPI Liquid Sand polishes over at Totally Nailed and also took a step back in time and revisited an old mani, creating a new version this week!

Claire at nuthin' but a nail thing has been polka dotting it up with some nail adornments.... Inpractical but CUTE!

Cris Cros has been trying out neddle marbling using her Barry M Gellies as well as trying out various untrieds. 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Swatch - Accessorize Sapphire

Happy Friday:) 

A quick swatch for you peeps, before I go and drink my Friday night wine. Sadly tonight I will be drinking it on my own. Usually bf and I have a 'pizza and wine' Friday night, but tonight bf has flown to Germany for a house party (I know, wft?!) and so I am alone. Still, more wine and pizza for me:) 

So here is another polish that has sat, lonely and untried, in my collection for far too long. Which is a shame because Sapphire by Accessorize is great. I picked it up as I was intrigued by both the colour and the fact that it is advertised as a one coat polish (useful for stamping if I ever buy a set lol).

Surprisingly, this did what it said on the tin (so to speak). It was perfect, as you can see, in only 1 coat. It went on easily, no streaks or bubbles, and was pretty glossy to top. These pictures are with 1 layer of topcoat, so you'll have to trust me on that one. 

I really like this colour, although I wouldn't have called it Sapphire, that name brings to my mind a slightly different blue. I actually think this is more of a denim colour, but hey, a rose by any other name and all that eh?!

I'm so enamoured with this polish that it will be travelling with me on my holiday to Peru and Argentina. I've been stressing about not being able to do my nails for 3 weeks (argh) but knowing that this is a one coat wonder, and dries quickly to boot, I'm confident that I'll find 5 minutes somewhere to apply it during my adventure. Yippee! 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

I tort I saw a puddy cat! Tweety Pie nail polish swatch:)

Oh my goodness; how have I had this polish in my collection for so long and not used it?! 

So last year lovely bf took me on holiday to Italy. Whilst I was there I nipped into a cheapo shop for a few bits and bobs and found this bad boy for 1euro! There were loads of Tweety polishes, and having tried this polish I'm totally gutted I didn't buy more:(


This is a really unique colour; it's almost neon pink in daylight, something my camera couldn't cope with. In other lights it has a reddish quality, as shown above, but it also has a blue shimmer to it. In the bottle it looks like it has silver glitter in it, but this doesn't really show on the nail - which in my opinion is good! 

The application was good - the brush is very long, which works well for me, it's got a good consistentsy and goes on nicely. It did take a while to dry; I got a bit impatient, and you can see some bubbling. My fault, not the polishes. 

I'm annoyed at myself for throwing away the box this came in, as it had the name on. If you go to Italy, I suggest you keep your eyes peeled for these polishes, and if you figure out the name for this one, PLEASE tell me - I can't stand my polishes not having names:( 

Almost Friday! Yay! 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Swatch - Accessorize Electric Purple


Oh I love that falling in love moment. You spot your perfect partner over a crowded room, you smile, head on over......and then pick it up, buy it and paint it on your nails:) It was love at first sight with this polish, and I feel this love affair will last and last. So here is my new beau; Electric Purple by Accessorize.





This is a really unusual colour, I've not seen anything like it. In some lights it looks almost cornflower blue, in others a dusty violet. Either way, I love it! It's in my top 10, maybe even top 5! (Yes, I keep a mental top 10 - I'm super cool like that).

The application is good and easy; the above is 3 coats. It was streaky on the first coat, good on the second and perfect on the third. It went on easily and smoothly, and dried very quickly, always a bonus.

I've fallen, and I've fallen hard peeps. I always thought my love would be reserved for a glitter. But you can't help who you fall in love with, can you? 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Rimmel Grey Matter + Urban Outfitters Studio 54 = clever glitter!

Happy Tuesday peeps!

As promised here is a lovely view of my newest glitter, Studio 54 by Urban Outfitters. It's a gorgeous glitter topper, chock full of large pink, red, gold, green and silver hexes mixed with multi coloured fine glitter, all residing in a clear base. 


Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo glittery:)


This is my first Urban Outfitter polish, but I don't think it will be my last. It was easy to apply, had a good drying time, didn't clump and didn't require me to fish around for the bigger bits. This is one coat with a few bigger bits dotted on to even things out a bit. 


It didn't take me long to choose a partner for it, I've been waiting to use my Grey Matter by Rimmel for ages. Now I have to admit I'm not a massive fan of Rimmel polishes (a few bad chippy, peely, bobbly experiences in the past) but this polish is fab-u-lous! The colour is so cute, and it goes on like a dream; good in two coats and dries quick. So here it is own its own in its natural glory (two coats, no topcoat).


Enjoy the rest of your day peeps:) 

Monday, 21 January 2013

I must not go to Urban Outfitters. I must not go to Urban Outfitters.

Gaaaaaaaaaah - I went to Urban Outfitters! I was honestly only looking to see if they still had any Seche Vite. There wasn't, but there were these;

 How cute?! Can't wait to use the little kitty faces, they're adorable! 

Whoop whoop - can finally get round to doing a mani with studs:) 

Studio 54 - So sparkly! Be still inner magpie, be still my beating heart! 

I'll let you guys know how I get on with these bits and pieces asap, already slathering my nails in Studio 54 - swatch soon:) Enjoy the rest of your Monday peeps:) 

Nail Pop Dazzle - Swatch

Happy Monday peeps:)

Aaaaaah glitter. It makes everything better:) This beauty was part of a mini haul from Superdrug a while ago. I'd never heard of this brand, they seem to be quite new (or maybe new to my part of the world), but the minute I saw this colour I knew I'd be purchasing some of their offerings.





I love, love, LOVE this polish - lilac and baby blue glitter in a clear base. It goes on beautifully, no clumping, dries quickly and has a brilliant coverage. This is 4 coats, and you can barely see the base I coat I wore it over (Sapphire by Accessorize if you're wondering, swatch to follow soon). My camera failed to pick up the awesomeness, the contrast between the glitter colours is quite subtle, but believe me, it's brill. I'll be heading back next weekend to pick up a few more of these bad boys:) 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Needle Marbling - my first attempt!

So, every weekend I've been putting a bit of time aside to try a new technique. I've been seeing lots of gorgeous needle marbled manicures around and about and decided it was time to try it myself. It was also the perfect chance to use two of my favourite polishes together, both Gellies by Barry M; Pomegranate (a deep pink) and Blackberry (a lush purple). 

And here are the results:) 


I know that the nail is partially visible but I actually really like it as an extra effect:) 




And now to say that this was a bit of a face palm moment - this was so blinking simple! Paint a thick layer of one polish on one side of the nail, another colour on the other side, and then get a pin and drag it from one side to the other.......pip squeak!

Hardly worth stressing over and such a pretty result. I've already got several other colour combos I'll be trying out:)