Sunday, 31 March 2013

Pink and gold leopard print mash up

Happy Easter peeps:) I hope you've been enjoying lots of chocolaty eggs and time with your family. I have:) I'm not a big Easter person, so didn't bother doing any special Easter nails, instead I went with my traditional favourite mani - leopard print! Honestly, I'd do it everyday if I could. So here it is...........again:)

The gorgeous pink is Elizabeth Street by Nails Inc. I got it free with Glamour magazine a while ago, thought "oooh that's pretty" and then ignored it! I'm so glad I stumbled across it again the other day, it's beyond amazing - delicate and sugary, like a yummy sugared almond.

The glitter is Barry M gold Glitter, a total star.

Have a brilliant Easter Monday guys x

Friday, 29 March 2013

Grey and purple stripy-ness!

Ahhhhh, I love it when a plan comes together! I decided to simply pick two of my favourite polishes and go where the mood took me; this is the result:) 

The above are my current favourite polishes; Rimmel Grey Matter and Accessorize Electric Purple. Both give a dense, full colour, ideal for this manicure. I painted the stripes over with my fantabulous Models Own nail pen.


Happiness is a stripy manicure:)

Monday, 25 March 2013

Black and white stripes over Blue My Mind

Hey hey, sorry about the rubbish title for this post, couldn't think of a better way to describe my latest effort:) This design is nicked from the WAH Book of Nails, I've been wanting to do it for ages, and I'm so chuffed with the colour scheme.



The blue is Blue My Mind by H&M, the white is Matt White by Barry M and the black is my trusty striper from Models Own. Is there any design that this blue doesn't look good in? 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Swatch - Accessorize Bumblebee

Hey peeps - urgh, I'm hanging, so I'll keep this short and sweet. I have for your delectation today a gorgeous  orange polish: I never thought I'd type that, orange is hardly my favourite colour to have on my nails. But this Accessorize speckle polish is lovely, really warm and delicious looking. The name Bumblebee is adorable as well.

This was a very sheer colour, so I popped it over a base or Barry M Block Orange, but afterwards I wished I hadn't. Block orange is very bright, whereas Bumblebee is a delicate, pumpkin-y colour. Next time I wear this polish I'll wear it on it's own, even if there is VNL - I love it that much!

The polish is spliced with matt black glitter, and creates a beautiful speckle - hence the name:) 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Swatch - 2True Glitterati - Shade 5

Ahhhhhhhhhhh 2True - you are too good to me:) Whilst perusing the MASSIVE stand of polishes in Edinburgh Superdrug (shout out!) I found this baby - eeeeeeeeep! lol:) It's a clear polish filled with various sized blue and green glitter hexes. I really love it, even though it's a really simple polish. 2True: you've done it again! 


I really love how good this looks over Models Own In the Navy, a gorgeous polish in it's own right. Like Shade 5, it's easy to apply and dries quickly:) 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Swatch - Sally Hansen Gem Crush - Big Money

I'm going to make an odd confession - I fell in love with the shape of the bottle before the colour of the polish:) This was another Edinburgh find and was staring at me as I walked in the shop. 



I love the combination of gold and lilac, it's so subtle yet so striking. It's incredibly dense - this is three coats, and there's no VNL (always important to moi!) so I'm happy. The gold glitter is very fine so the lilac hexes mix and intersperse well, meaning you don't get clumps of purple. 


Oddly, this is a subtle polish - the lilac needs to be seen up close really, but gives a pinky glow to the polish from afar, very pretty. Enjoy the rest of your week peeps x x x

Monday, 18 March 2013

Swatch-Revlon Girly

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - Edinburgh haul, holla! So, after spending 6 hours (!) in a car up to Edinburgh on Saturday I decided I deserved a little polish treat. Or 6. Oops:) Swatches of all my newest purchases will follow in the next few days, starting with the guest of honour in today' post, Revlon Girly.

I've been craving this polish for soooo long, but I didn't think there were releasing it over here, so imagine my surprise when I stumbled across it! It's a creamy pinky lilac polish filled with a veritable cornucopia of glitter; large and small hexes of purple, peach and pink:) Girly indeed. 



It's a very sheer polish, so I made a bit of a sandwich with Barry M Berry Ice-cream, thus there's no VNL, yay! It also meant it looked a bit more subtle than it might otherwise have been.


I'm so in love with this polish, I can't believe it's my first glitter polish with a coloured base - shocking! Enjoy the rest of your week peeps, back soon x x x

Friday, 15 March 2013

Nude and gold leopard print manicure

Ooooooooh my gosh I'm tired. This week has been beyond insane, and the weekend isn't going to be much better methinks. On that note, apologies for my absence.

 I did get one chance to paint my nails this week, and as I only had an hour, I needed to do something that I knew I could do with no messing up - leopard print:) I decided to go for my favourite colour scheme: black, nude and gold:) Sadly, I only managed to get one non-blurry photo (maybe my camera is having a bad week too?), but here is that special one lol:)

Ah leopard print, how I love thee:) Simple yet effective, always a winner. I hope you have a great weekend peeps, I'll be back soon I promise x

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Swatch - Barry M Blue Glitter

Tuesday - 40% of the working week done:) I've not had time to repaint my nails, but looking through my files I found some old swatches that I hadn't uploaded, so thought I'd finally get round to showing them. Today, I've got some photos of the gorgeous Blue Glitter by Barry M. I can't praise Barry M polishes too highly - good application, fast drying, superlative, superlative, superlative:) Blue glitter is no exception - it's such a stunning blue, so-eye catching!



This is two coats over a coat of Barry M Cobalt Blue. The shine in that first pictures makes my heart flip - I loved this polish, I can't believe I haven't shown them off sooner! It's almost like I have so many polishes that I forget some of the gems I have tucked away (blushing). 

Monday, 11 March 2013

Swatch - Nail Pop Kimono

Bluergh - blooming Monday. A lovely swatch will help me feel better:) Here's Kimono, a gorgeous green duochrome by Nail Pop. I'm afraid I covered these swatches with my old, evil topcoat which didn't harden properly, leaving me with evil scratches all over my lovely polish:( Hopefully the amazing colour will distract you? 



Kimono is a stunning golden/bronzy/green - it turns from lime green to jade to bronze to golden green and back again - beautiful. My camera went into meltdown taking these pictures, I took hundreds to try and capture the different colours; close, but no cigar! 

I got so many compliments wearing this colour, I think I'll be rocking this again soon - an ideal colour for March 17th maybe?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Swatch 2True Shade 52

Hey guys, hope you've all had a great weekend.

Just a quick post today as I'm desperate to get an early night, I'm sooooooooooo sleepy:( Too much work, not enough zzzzzzzzzzzz. So here's a swatch of my newest 2True polish, the excitingly named Shade 52 lol! It's a shimmery, pearly blurple, a total nightmare to capture on my camera.


Unlike my other 2True shades, this dried incredibly quickly:) This is two coats, no topcoat - so shiny, blurple, quick drying, good application - what's not to love?! Have a great week peeps, I'm off to catch some zzzz:)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

WHAM, BAM, POW! Litchenstein nail art!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep I'm so proud of these nails, but totally heartbroken that my topcoat failed me:( I'd been dying to try out some nail art inspired by Litchenstein, and finally got round to it (it took blooming forever, as I'd suspected, so I waited until a rainy Sunday). It was all going so well.......... 





It doesn't look too bad in the photos, but my top coat was a total nightmare. I've been using Sally Hansen 'No Chip' topcoat for a while; it dries fast and has an incredible shine. But, barely half way through the bottle, it's turned into a sticky, gooey mess that shrinks on the nails. These were taken quite quickly after being topcoated - a good job, an hour later the cracks had set in and the side of my nails looked horrendous. Gutted. 

My quest for the perfect topcoat continues.................

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Recycling - Black tips on copper.

Arggggggggggggh sooooooo busy, I only just had time to recycle my mani from yesterday. And when I say recycling, I mean lazily sticking some black tips on it. Quick, but effective:)



Secretly, although this is a VERY lazy recycling effort, I'm super pleased with them because I managed to do them freehand:) Eeeeeeeeeeeep!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Swatch - Maybelline Color Show Brick Shimmer

Come esta amigos y amigas? Lol - my Spanish is still pretty basic, how I'm going to cope on my hols I don't know:(

Anyhoo, this is a quick post to show you my other Maybelline Color Show purchase. Like I said, Color Show is a nice, but not remarkable, new collection from Maybelline. This little cutie caught my eye, and I fee=ll for the cute colour with a slightly pinkish tinge. 



It's application is really good; fast drying and a nice brush. The above is two coats, no top coat. There is one weird problem with the bottle though - the neck of the bottle is so long that it's really hard to get enough polish on the brush. While the bottle is full this isn't a huge problem, but when it gets emptier it's going to be super annoying. A design fault or Maybelline's cunning plan to make us buy the polish before we even finish the bottle? Lol:) 

Monday, 4 March 2013

Swatch - Maybelline Color Show Wine Shimmer

Happy Monday peeps!

So I've been a bit naughty recently and picked up several polishes, including some of the new releases by Maybelline. They've put out a collection called Color Show which has several lovely looking colour in. I have to be honest and say that, considering how so many companies have really raised their polish game, trying new textures, finishes and colours, this is a pretty tame collection. Don't get me wrong, they have some great colours, but only a couple really interested me, and only one made me go "WOW!"

And that was this one, Wine Shimmer. It's a very sheer raspberry red jelly sprinkled with teeny, tiny specks of holographic glitter. Odd, but it works. So here it is (2 coats over Barry M Raspberry, as I can't cope with VNL).




Hmmmmmm, pretty cute. Btw, this was the polish I wore for 4 days! And I have to say the wear time is amazing - no chipping, no peeling. Epic. The glitter isn't in your face, so it's actually quite an elegant polish. Good work Maybelline:)