Monday, 29 December 2014

Clearing out the untrieds; Revlon!

Hey hey guys, hope you're all well and still enjoying a bit of time off work?

I went for my first post-Christmas run today....well, running might be stretching it, it was more like falling forward quickly! But I do feel a bit better for getting up and about, I was beginning to feel (and look) like a Christmas pudding! 

After a bit of house sorting (we hosted Christmas and the house looked like a bomb went off!) I decided to do a wee bit of swatching as my untrieds have again been piling up. I noticed I had several Revlon polishes in the untried box; I rarely buy from Revlon, but these were pressies from various people. 

So first up, Extravagant - a warm pink polish with a silver shimmer running through it. Not much else to say really; good application, nice colour.

Next, Posh - a stunning green creme - I really loved this, it's SO green and fresh. It went on easily and dried quickly and I really want to use this for some summery nail art in 2015:)

Lastly, my favourite of the bunch; Radiant, a lovely mix of fine blue glitter with silver, green and blue hexes in a clear polish (I've layered it here over In the Navy by Orly). My husband bought this for me and I was so pleased; a polish I wish I'd discovered for myself! 

I'm so pleased I've cleared a few untrieds! Only 30 more to go lol:) But for now, I have other things to do; I'm trying to sort out my NYE nails now - I have a few ideas but this may need a little bit of research..........


  1. Ooh these are all so pretty! LOVE Posh though - you know I have a thing for greens!!

  2. I do indeed:) I think Posh is my fave of the bunch, it's def the most wearable (now Chrimbo is over I feel a bit sad wearing glitter lol).