Friday, 31 August 2012

Blue with gold tips

Ohhh what is going on with this weather?! Last night I actually considered putting the winter duvet on, then woke up this morning to sunshine! It's thrown me into total disarray, and made me realise how much I'm going to miss the summer - especially pastel ice cream nails:) I did consider doing ice cream nails again, but was worried I'd jinx the weather totally. So instead, I wasted productively spent a couple of hours on the internet looking for inspiration. And I stumbled across this... and then lost another hour or so drooling over such pretty designs! I loved the green she's used and am now spreading my gaze far and wide in and effort to find such a gem. But in the meantime decided to use my ge-or-gous cyan blue by Barry M. 


  1. Pretty :) I've used Cyan Blue in my latest mani (polka dots) too but mine has gone awfully gloopy, it doesn't apply well any more :'(

  2. I've found that with a few of my Barry M's, they do go quite gloopy, maybe I need to invest in some polish thinner:)