Monday, 6 August 2012

Cheery Cherries! 

With flash

Hmmm, I'm not sure that these turned out as cherry-like as I thought they would, but I really like them. My love of cherries is relatively new, but it turns out they are the most amazing fruit - each one is a little flavour bomb! Fresh, glace, maraschino.....oooops, drooling:)

Anyway, the base here is by Maybelline, called Rose Poudre. It's a great shade on me, and covers that fact that my real nails are vile. However, it needs at least 2 coats and doesn't dry as quickly as I'd like. The cherries are Barry M Red Black. Now, I cannot really explain how much I love Barry M varnishes (great shades, cheap, good application), however this one fell short of my expectations. It takes at least 3 coats and even then I still find it doesn't cover brilliantly. Oh well, I'm fairly sure that it won't stop me buying more from their range (hope my bf doesn't read this part:) 
Without flash


  1. These are incredible! How did you do the shading on the stalks?

  2. Actually, originally did the stalks using my (slightly neon) green nail art pen, but didn't really like the effect so I used my trusty Barry M Emerald Green varnish and a cuticle stick:) Thnak goodness for Barry M!