Saturday, 22 September 2012

50/50 mani

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. Thank you so much for your kind words after my sad post last week, you guys are amazing.

To cheer myself up I've turned to shopping in a big way, but thankfully only on Ebay/in TK Maxx (otherwise would have melted my poor credit card!). In the last week I've bought black winter boots, a pair of pink shoes, a pair of nude shoes, a gorgeous plum jumper and a blue dress - naughty! Nail wise, I decided to use two of my favourite polishes, Magenta Pearl and Prey from Models Own (btw, anyone else been desperately hoping to win their comp on FB?) and tried a new look.

I have no idea what to call this, so 50/50 will have to suffice for now:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend possums. 


  1. This is so cute! It's like an autumn leaf!

  2. Ooooh yeah, I'd not noticed that - seems appropriate though, given the weather now:(

  3. Very pretty! I agree with Kitties, it looks very leafy ^_^