Sunday, 16 September 2012

Shiny glitter gradient!

Howdy peeps. Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I had a lovely family daytrip to Bath yesterday, and spent a very long time in fancy shops that made me wish I could quickly flog a kidney and afford some nice things! Anyway, I did go to Waterstones and bought far too many books and also an insane amount of stickers from the world's greatest shop, Paperchase. I love somewhere where I can buy pointless but cute stickers, adorable pencils etc. I don't think I'll ever get over my love of stationary! Anyway, back to nails....

I've been rocking this manicure for several days now, and I love it! I knew that Coralicious and Molten Copper (from my Accessorize haul)  were born to be together. I haven't tried a glitter gradient before, so I decided this was it. And....I kind of love it. It certainly wasn't perfect, as it was done late at night, but I feel it worked. It sort of reminds me of fire, which then got me thinking about Game of Thrones and missing it.....but that's my other geekiness coming through. Anyway, what d'ya reckon? 


  1. Love it! Glitter gradients are one of my favourite looks <3

  2. I was inspired by the fact that you said they weren't too difficult when you posted one the other day. However I forgot that 5 layers of glitter would be a night mare to get off. There is glitter everywhere. My hair, my bf's hair, the cat.....argh! :)

    1. Haha, a glittery cat sounds quite awesome! Have you tried the foil method for removing glitter? It's not perfect, but it saves a lot of time and effort :)

  3. This is so pretty! I haven't tried a glitter gradient in a while, I think I'll have to get back into them!

  4. Lol, I've heard of it, I think my cat would thank me if I tried it! Yay, I'm starting a mini trend for glitter - kittie cats beware!