Monday, 3 September 2012

Swatch - Nails Inc Clifford Street

Good grief; this was almost impossible to photograph! I took over 30 photos, in such an odd variety of poses I looked like a snap happy crazed yoga fanatic flailing madly around the room. Good job bf was in the other room. He doesn't need to see that.

Anyway, to the actual polish. Is it totally wrong that I'm totally meh (technical term) about this polish? I've been trying to find a good purple for ages and when I saw this I thought, wow, deep purple with gold flecks - what's not to love? But now it's actually on my nails it looks very flat. The purple looks almost grey and the gold flecks are somehow lost. I have to say, had I paid full price for this polish I'd have been very disappointed. On the plus side, the application was very good; two coats, full coverage, fairly fast drying. Just not the colour for me:( 

Ps - anyone else been watching Great British Bake Off? Now that it's back to school September, I feel it's practically winter already, so I'm looking forward to some baking this weekend, especially after my wonderful friend K bought me a new baking book. My first challenge; Cheshire Cat Cupcakes - then maybe Cheshire Cat nails? 


  1. I think this is a nice enough colour, but if I'd bought it as shimmering purple, I'd be disappointed - it's much more slate grey with gold flecks. Close but no cigar!

  2. Agreed - it hasn't been worn since, just not purple enough; I like my purples like the quality street wrappers, and this just doesn't cut it:(