Saturday, 20 October 2012

Lost in Space!

Hello peeps, hope you've had a good week? I'm on my hols for a week, super excited. Off for a romantic meal with bf tomorrow night and then a week of lie ins, napping, playing with the kitwits, sleeping, painting my nails, get the idea. A lazy week.

Nail wise, I've been trying out the rest of my Models Own haul from a few weeks ago. First up was Hayley's Comet, a gorgeous duo chrome pinky-blue. It's really stunning, sadly the pictures below do not do it justice! It's very sheer, so I put it over my fave base colour, MO Nude Beige. The pictures below are two coats of Hayley's Comet, with no topcoat. They photos make it look like dated, like an 80's style shiny pink, but in actual real life it's a shimmery peachy pink with a blue colour in the light. It actually looks like the inside of a shell, stunning. 

After another breakage, my next polishes were painted upon new little stubs. But, for the first time I filed them into a shape that I was pretty happy with. I was keen to use my MO Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix again, so decided that it would look lovely over my trusty black by Maybelline, Black Onyx. The application of the glitter was a bit tricky, in the end I resorted to the dabbing method, but I was super pleased with the results. May I also add, the reason my cuticles look so sad and thirsty here is because this morning bf and I had to clean the house top to bottom (house inspection form landlord) and I got bathroom duties! The glamour! However, the polish still looks brilliant. Glossy, no chipping, happy days:)

I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve glitter - it sooths my inner magpie. This mani will be staying for a while (and not just because I'm dreading removing the evil twosome of glitter and black polish!) 


  1. Ooh that glitter looks gorgeous over black, lovely combo :)

  2. It was so good I couldn't take it off - I think it hypnotised me a few times, it was so shiny and glittery!