Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Models Own - mini rant:(

I didn't have a huge amount of time this week, but couldn't stop myself from ripping off the wrapping on my Models Own polishes and trying them out and ...........................I was a little disappointed:( Boo hoo.

I had to try three times to get the Purple Passion, shown below, to go on evenly. The first time I tried it, it bubbled after the first coat. I tried again. It did it again. Finally I managed to do thin enough coats (it's a blooming thick polish) and it was beginning to look ok, but then.........bubbles! ARGHHHHHHHH!

So, trying to find the silver lining, my glitter obsessed brains started churning and found upon a possible solution; Ibiza Mix:) It is awesome, stupendous, superlative, superlative, superlative! A glossy clear polish filled with small and large hexagons in a variety of lovely colours; turquoise, lilac, gold and orange:)

I'm not sure it's great over the purple, but I love Ibiza Mix. I may set up a little shrine to it. 

So my next polish to try was Nude Beige (another Models Own). I LOVE this polish - it's the ideal beige with a lovely shine. Unfortunately you'll have to take my word for it as I stupidly polished over it before getting a good picture. 

Sadly for me, I painted over it with In The Navy. I gorgeous colour, but my goodness, it took a while to dry. I did it 2 hours before I went to bed and woke up with horrid sheet marks. Hence the photo below is deliberately blurry.

So all in all a mixed bag - I thought it would be more consistent really. some gloopy, some perfect, so fast drying, some quick. 4 of 10 down, 6 more mini reviews (hopefully not mini rants) to go:) Have a good end of week peeps!


  1. Aww, it sucks when you get awesome colours but crappy application :( On the plus side, both your pics look lovely, your half moons are so neat!

  2. Thank you, I cheated and used stickers - my hands are not steady enough yet:)