Sunday, 14 October 2012

Peru or polish?

This weekend, despite several 'notes to self' to not buy polish, I bought 3 more! Argggggghhhhh! Now, this wouldn't be an issue for me if, hand on heart, I could say that I'd used all my other polishes to death. I haven't. I have at least 30 that I have never worn, and countless more that I have worn once, then thought about how cool it was and promised myself I'd use it loads, then just forgotten about it and bought more. 

The title of this post is important. Last year, I finally graduated for the second time and started a job I love. Unfortunately, it does not pay well. My wonderful bf has been amazing throughout my time at uni (no money) and after uni (money, but huge debts). We desperately want to go travelling next summer in Peru and Argentina. We were supposed to go this summer, but my financial situation forbade it. So, bf patiently said that he would wait until next summer whilst I tried to get back on my financial feet.

This last year has been a killer. Every month I get paid and my money has to be spent on paying back debt accumulated whilst at uni. I don't resent this, as I knew it would happen. Having such an exciting thing to save/pay back debt for is almost exciting. But it has occurred to me that the money I am spending on polish is growing month on month. My polish is no longer a 'small treat', it is a full blown(expensive) obsession. In January bf and I will need to buy flight tickets (it's cheaper the earlier you book them, but they will still be near to £1000). So, I am going to challenge myself. 1 more polish this year (I would say none, but I'm actually dreaming about a flakie by Models Own that will be the basis of most of my Christmas manicures) and that is it for 2012!

This will give me the next few months to use the polishes I do own. It will force me to be more creative by combining polishes I own in new ways. It will remind me that I am in a lucky position; I have a job I love, a bf who I adore and the chance of a lifetime next summer. And I own 30 nail polishes that I have not yet used:) 

In the meantime, here's to my last haul (for now). And here's to saving some pennies and buying my plane tickets in January:) 

L to r - Hayley's Comet, Purple Blue Beetle Juice, Gold Nail Art Pen. 

Btw, dear readers, this challenge may also benefit you. I suspect that there are polishes in my collection that I  will realise I don't want. Come January, I will be having a clear out of all those polishes. I'm thinking of organising some sort of swap shop thing if people are interested. More details later x


  1. Ahh, I know the feeling being a student and having to watch what you spend - I try and limit myself but sometimes it's just too hard >_>

  2. I know, so many polishes, so little time! But I've gone quite mad recently, think capping myself for 2 months will make me calm down:)I wonder if I'll actually manage it.

    I do sometimes wonder how other bloggers pay for it - especially when they buy polishes that retail for £12/£13.