Monday, 1 October 2012

Pink and grey and all sorts of glittery!

So, the new Barry M polishes made me buy them, and I had to find a a manicure to do where I could use as many of them as possible to show them off! Managed to get 2 into this manicure:) 

This is a close up of Pink Sapphire Glitter over Barry M Grey. It is a party in a bottle. It's not very clear from my (crappy) pictures, but it consists of tiny flecks of pink glitter, large pink and holographic hexagons and holographic strips. It's amazeballs! 
You can see it slightly better here, it really catches the light beautifully, and got lots of attention today. It goes on pretty easily, although as with most glitter it's a better effect if you place some of the glitter yourself.
On my ring finger I used Barry M foil effects, and bright pink for the leopard patches. Over the other nails I layered Pink Iridescent, a gorgeous multi coloured sparkle in a pale pink jelly. I LOVE it, it will go over anything and make it sparkly. 

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