Monday, 22 October 2012

Striping tape + glitter = gorgeousness!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek I'm so pleased with this manicure! I saw the amazing manicure at Dressed Up Nails which inspired me to use the striping tape that has been languishing at the bottom of my box'o'polish (to be featured in all it's gloriousness soon) and knew that my new Models Own polishes would work perfectly together. 

I used MO Gold Rush as a base, which is a lovely yellowy/slightly glittery gold which is perfect in 2 coats and dries nice and quickly. I then stuck on the tape (which took foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeever) and painted over using MO In the Navy, an (almost) one coat wonder. I also used In the Navy on my pinkies, and then painted a layer of MO Disco Heaven over the top. My middle finger is finished of with MO Disco Heaven and Barry M Yellow Topaz Glitter, which showed it's wonderfulness over In the Navy. Happy nail days:) 

May I add that Disco Heaven is indeed a truly heavenly polish! Easy distribution of glitter, tiny gold flecks with bluey-greeny-tealy pieces of glitter in as well, which catch beautifully in the sunlight. 

Ps - I've started using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails as my topcaot and I love it. It's so shiny and thick. If you look closely on my ring finger, you can almost make out me holding my camera and taking the photos! Crazy shiny:)


  1. Holy wow you did an amazing job with the tape! I tried taping the other day and my patience wore thin 5 minutes into it. I'll have to give this another go it's beautiful! <3

  2. lol - yeah, I have to say the reason I have two glittery fingers per hand is cos I rang out of patience:) But it gets easier (I think) :)

  3. ZOMG. These are EPIC. Like seriously, my favourite design you've ever done <3

  4. Awwww thank you:) I have to admit I lurve them:)