Thursday, 8 November 2012


Arghhhhhhhh (running round screaming in excitement) my nails are soooooo sparkly! It's flipping brill:) Ok, so my first manicure with my newest glitters had to be Ruby Glitter by Barry M. It's an unusual polish really, it's a very faint grey jelly (kind of like smoke) with small and large hexaegonal matt glitter (surely an oxymoron?) and large ruby hexagonal glitter. As amazing as it is, the base is far too sheer to let it be worn on it's own, so I had to choose something to wear under it. I chose my Barry M grey, which I think may have made it a bit too dark and distracted from the amazing glitter. Sad face. 

I have to admit that this is 4 coats of the Ruby Glitter, it's a pain in the be-hind to apply, there is a clumping tendency and the rubies don't spread brilliantly (you'll be best off using the dabbing technique really). However I'm a bit in love with it, and after waiting and looking and wishing and preying (oooops, sorry, slipping into 60's ballads!) for 3 months for it, I'm chuffed. Toodle pips peeps, next glitter to be posted asap x


  1. I know, it's just sooooooo shiny - the inner magpie is soothed by this polish:)