Saturday, 24 November 2012

Kitty nails

Aaaaaaaaaaah - sweet Saturday relaxing:) I've had a chilled day (woke up at 11, rolled out of bed at 12, dressed at 1 - sweeeeeeeet) and so was keen to do something as chilled on my nails. Sitting on my sofa, dressing gown on, mug of coffee in hand, feet up, I looked around and realised that the only things more chilled than I were Boo and Monty. Given their life involves doing sod all, occasionally waking up to lick a paw/be fed/nip outside,  I thought they deserved a nail tribute to their amazing life. So here is it - kitty nails!

This is over one of my favourite colours, Barry M Pink Iridescent. I layered it over Nails Inc Elizabeth Street, my Glamour magazine freebie polish, to give it a more intense pink colour. The kitty and assorted kitty parts are various nail art pens. 

And talking of kitties - well Hello Kitty! The pictures below show Respect from the Hello Kitty collection (found in Superdrug). At £5 a bottle, and an unknown entity, I was a bit worried. However, my fears were unfounded - how flipping gorgeous is this colour?!!!!!! Simply amazeballs! It dried quickly, has a gorgeous sheen, glossy even without topcoat, good brush making application easy, and only needed 2 coats. I shall be buying more from this collection asap!

Cute, cute, cute! I would really have bought this for the bottle alone:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend peeps.

P.s. Models Own Wonderland Collection swatches coming soon.  

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