Sunday, 9 December 2012

Black and gold 3 ways

Hope you've been having a good weekend peeps? I've had a lovely one. Fiiiiiiiiinally went to the hairdressers yesterday and I'm now lovely and blond again, got to do a bit of Christmas shopping (and by that I mean presents for myself) and had an amazing Thai meal with my lovely boyfriend. Oh, and consumed quite a lot of wine, yummy yummy wine. 

And on top of all of that I got to sort through my polishes and rediscover some unused ones. So I decided to use a few of them to create a super sparkly manicure heh heh. 

I painted all my nails, except my ring finger, with a newbie by Barry M, Gold Mine Glitter. I'm not really sure where I stand on this polish. I looked at it and loved it, then looked again and hated it, then looked again and loved it...........for ages! I just can't decide, I rarely feel so confused about polish (or anything really!). Hmmmmmmm. 

Anyway, I painted MO Disco Heaven over my thumb to add something a little different, and then painted my ring finger with Barry M Black and used Yellow Topaz Glitter for a glitter gradient. I adored my ring finger, I think the polishes work so well together, it's a polish match made in sparkly heaven. The black by Barry M applies really well. I was worried when I put one coat on and the coverage was incredibly poor, but somehow a second coat miraculously fixed everything. Happy days.

Have a good Sunday evening me dears, I'm rewatching the Lord of the Rings trilogy so that I'm fully prepped to see the Hobbit next Sunday - and yes, this was bf's idea, not mine. But still, movie+crisps+G&T+sofa=a very happy me:) 

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