Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Let it snow!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah my first properly Christmassy nails - feels like I've been waiting for ages to try them! I'm now in a state of Christmas excitement - I only want to eat snacks and nibbles, I've been dancing round to Mariah Carey and that song (all I want is yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou) and have thrown tinsel everywhere to make it look festive:) Is it just me doing that this early, or anyone else a Chrimbo loon too?

Anyhoo, knew I'd have to try penguin nails, cos I flipping luuuuuuuurve the penguins:) I did penguin nails a while ago, but wanted to try a different technique. I think they actually look a bit more like snowy owls, oooops. But I still love them.

The snowy nails were from an idea by Polishpedia and the penguins were from the amazing Miss Jen Fabulous at Pearls and Polish (both amazing, check them out). 

I used a selection of my beloved Barry M products; Matt White, Holographic Glitter (a few bits dotted on as asnow, hard to see) and a newbie, Black Multi Glitter. (Mind you, you can't really tell that there's any glitter in the black, not even in real life; was a bit disappointed, and I rarely say that about a Barry M). 

Apologies for the pictures, I took so many but wasn't happy with any of them, here are the best of a bad bunch.

20 days leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeft! 


  1. Yaaaaaaaay Christmas! You're definitely not the only one doing things early, our house is fully decorated already and has been since the 1st :P Love these nails, the penguins are so cuuuuute :D

  2. Heh heh - love Christmas decorating, I'm sat practically in darkness because I no longer want any light except fairy lights. Have you started on the eggnog/mulled wine yet? I start tomorrow:) Btw more penguins will be forthcoming, yay!