Sunday, 30 December 2012

Pink drippy nails

Ah, the Christmas sales; so many polishes to buy, so little time! After a quick nip to New Look, I came back with a clutch of polishes. I picked up a few from their ranges by Giles and Kelly Brook (swatches to follow later), and decided to use the pink nail art pen by Giles for my first ever drippy nails!

I decided to drip from the tips on one hand, and from the base on the other. Please excuse the fact that my left hand is flipping wonky, I'm left handed so free-handing with my right hand was insanely hard. But I'm pleased with the results - so I'm going to keep on training my right hand to do my evil nail bidding:) 

As you can see, the pink polish isn't as a opaque as it needed to be. It was easy to apply, but I really do think that a nail art pen should be opaque in one coat. It also bubbled very badly, which was annoying, and took foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeever to dry; it still felt tacky the next day. 

I'm not sure I'd buy these pens again, but to be fair the nail art pen comes in a pack of two (hot pink and a plummy purple) and each pen comes with a huge stash of matching coloured nail crystals, which are actually the reason I bought these. It's £2.99 for both, so I can't really complain that they aren't of the highest quality! 

I'm off to prep my New Years Eve nails - I sense a glittery mash up coming.......


  1. Ooh these are lovely! Might have to do myself some drippy nails soon - and I really don't think your right hand is any worse than your right, they're both really great ^_^

  2. Aw, thank you - my right hand is getting better, but it takes so long compared to my left hand. Perseverance is the word I feel. Hope you enjoy the NYE celebrations tonight :)