Sunday, 27 January 2013

February haul - sparkly!

Hello peeps, hope you're enjoying your weekend?

I had a brilliant day yesterday, I spent almost all of it in Birmingham buying polishes. I literally went only to shops that stocked polishes; Topshop, Boots, Claire's, Superdrug, was bliss. And, without bf with me, I was free to relax and enjoy my splurge.

My new plan has been to only buy polishes that scream at me. You know the ones, they catch your eye and you know you have to have it, it has that special something. All of these polishes had that something for me. So, behold; my February haul:)

Sally Hansen No Chip Topcoat, Claire's Cosmetic polishes (no names, argh!), Barry M Gold Glitter.

 L to R - Accessorize Magic, Topshop Plume, 2True Shade 5, 2True Shade 3. 

Nail Pop Kimono, Nail Pop Glam Rock, GOSH Galaxy.

It's so much fun when you find those polishes that make your heart beat faster - and yes, I think anyone who saw me shopping yesterday would have thought I was MAD, grinning like a cheshire cat, squealing, drooling etc etc. 

I need to draw your attention to one polish in particular - 2True Shade 3. It's a limited edition from  their glitterari collection. All I can say is I think you're going to need this polish in your life - swatches coming up tomorrow so you can decide for yourself. But the second I clutched this polish in my sweaty hands, it went into my top 10! Loooooooooooooove:)

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