Sunday, 20 January 2013

Needle Marbling - my first attempt!

So, every weekend I've been putting a bit of time aside to try a new technique. I've been seeing lots of gorgeous needle marbled manicures around and about and decided it was time to try it myself. It was also the perfect chance to use two of my favourite polishes together, both Gellies by Barry M; Pomegranate (a deep pink) and Blackberry (a lush purple). 

And here are the results:) 


I know that the nail is partially visible but I actually really like it as an extra effect:) 




And now to say that this was a bit of a face palm moment - this was so blinking simple! Paint a thick layer of one polish on one side of the nail, another colour on the other side, and then get a pin and drag it from one side to the other.......pip squeak!

Hardly worth stressing over and such a pretty result. I've already got several other colour combos I'll be trying out:) 


  1. Wow they turned out really well, love the colour combo too!

  2. Thanks, they were so easy lol:) The Gellies are such gorgeous colours, I'd been looking to use them together for ages!