Monday, 7 January 2013

Swatch - Models Own Green Tea and Dancing Queen

Gaaaaah - first day back at work:( Also, after the indulgent and persistent eating of Quality Streets, I'm trying to get back into some sort of regime with the gym as well. So 6 a.m. wake up, work, gym - DULL!

Anyway, on the plus side I have a few swatches of quite a few unused polishes to upload; in this post I managed to do a 2 in 1 special lol. I have the feeling when I've worked through all my unused I'm going to splurge in a major way! Hence my keenness to get through them all:)

Today is a green day. A while ago, when Models Own were doing their half price sale, I went mad and did a massive online order. Now, I have to say I was a teensy bit disappointed; a few of the colours looked quite different online to how they did in real life, meaning I ended up with some polishes that I wasn't massively keen on. This polish, Green Tea, was originally one of them. On the website it had a gorgeous teal quality to it. When it turned up, it Meh.

However it has (slightly) grown on me. The one thing that hasn't grown on me is it's very odd finish. It's dries matt, which isn't a problem, but also has a rubbery sort of look/feel. Now it could be that I got a duffer, and it was the only one of my pack of 10 that arrived without a plastic wrapper on. Maybe it could have been damaged. But regardless, it's odd. See what I mean? 

 But, it is marvellously improved with a topcoat - actually a rather lovely colour:) 

I then wondered what it would look like with a bit of glitter......and here it is, covered with Models Own Dancing Queen, from their Mirrorball collection. 

Dancing Queen is a gorgeous clear polish filled with gold, blue and green large hex glitter, pale blue flakes and blue diamond glitter. It's a gorgeous mix. However, is it wrong to say that it's one of those polishes that works better in theory than on the nail? I only say this because I found the blue flakes were bent out of shape and stuck off my nail. I actually ended up removing a few of them. Even my best topcoats couldn't deal with it.

Having looked at other swatches of this, I think this glitter topper would also work over other colour; one of the best I've seen is over orange, as it brings out the dark blue glitter more, my favourite part of this polish. So this polish may be seen again soon peeps.....

Have a lovely evening:) 

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