Saturday, 9 February 2013

Swatch - 2True Limited Edition Shade 2

Ahhhhhhhhhhh good Saturday peeps:)

I had the best start to the weekend last night. I headed to China Town for some nommy dim sum, not realising that it was Chinese New Year. Half way through our meal, the most amazing Chinese Lion danced through the restaurant we were eating in, amazing:) Then I got home and discovered a lovely letter from HMRC, with a large tax rebate enclosed - whoop whoop!

And it keeps getting better; it was actually light enough today to take photos of the gorgeous 2True Limited Edition Shade 2. Oooooooooooooooh so much glitter:)

It's a lovely pale pink jelly, packed to the rafters with orange and pink hexes and laced with fine silver glitter. Like it's brothers, it's a thick polish, and takes a while to dry, but it so glossy and sparkly that it's worth it:) This swatch is over an unnamed peach polish I found, as Shade 2 doesn't layer up to total opacity, and I can't cope VNL lol:)

Have a great Saturday people!

P.s. - I've ordered a light box - no more deciding whether to wait to daylight or take rubbish photos:) Yaaaaay! Can't wait for it's arrival. 


  1. So there is a shade 2! I've only seen 1 and 3 so far lol

  2. Lol - I know, I found it hiding at the back at my big Superdrug! sneaky Shade 2:)

  3. I saw this when I bought Shade 1 and Shade 3, but wasn't sure. Now you've sold me on another! Gonna have to go get it, which means I'll have to get another two so that I can take advantage of the 3 for £4.99 offer!!

    I've been thinking about a light box and lights. I was going to get a light cube (there's a small 30cm one that looks fine) and use some pro lights (55w daylight bulbs). But I'm not sure if it's right or not for what I want. What have you ordered?

  4. I wasn't sure on it either, but am glad I bought it now....odd how sometimes you just can't decide until it's on your nails:) I've ordered this one hoping it works ok. It'll just be nice not to have to wait for sunshine (rare in the UK anyway!) or take the hit and take a rubbish picture:(

  5. So pretty! Can't wait for our lightboxes :D xx

    1. Thank you. I know, I'm counting down the days - us Brits have to make our own sunshine:)