Monday, 4 February 2013

Swatch - Topshop Plume

Ahhhh Monday - the world would be infinitely better without you! 

Only a recent shopping trip I decided to try out Topshop's new range of polishes. They have some pretty awesome colours that I was keen to try, including Plume, a blurple that I'd been lusting after since seeing it on Polly Polish. Blurples make my heart beat faster, so I was so keen to try this colour.

As you can see, the colour is lovely - sadly, my camera struggled to capture this:(

Topshop Plume Nail Polish
Topshop Plume Nail Polish

Topshop Plume Nail Polish

Topshop Plume Nail Polish

The colour was everything I'd hoped for - a glorious blurple duochrome foil with a rainbow-ish tinge in some lights. But the formula? Rubbish! It took forever to dry, needed 4 coats to reach a coverage I was happy with and almost refused to become glossy, no matter how many layers of topcoat I applied. Poor show Topshop. Poor show:( 

Ah well, for this colour I'd forgive almost anything:)

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  1. Ooh very pretty, shame about the application! Also I have to admit that I cannot stand the Topshop polish packaging, those lids look so cheap >_>