Monday, 22 April 2013

Intergalactic - Posh Polish Swatch

Happy Monday peeps:)

I've got a sparkler for you today - Intergalactic by Posh Polish. It's a clear based filled (and I do mean filled) with various glitters; large purple and green squares, large red hexes and medium and small hexes in various colours. It's amazing! I've put it over Barry M Blue Moon here, and think it looks great over pale colours. But it would look equally, if not even more, fab over black I suspect! 

This is one coat - there's a lot of glitter in that little bottle! 

Sooooooo much glitter.....drooooooooooooooool.....:)


  1. Looks lovely, persuaded me to go buy it!

    1. Thanks:) It is a lovely polish, and I seem to remember it was quite cheap; good old Superdrug lol.

  2. this is amazing! i need this

  3. Gorgeous!! I love how many different types of glitter it has in it!! x