Monday, 8 April 2013

Silver glitter with pastel leopard spots

Evening peeps, hope you've had a good Monday?

I've been looking through my polish today for those polishes that I think I've somehow overlooked. You know the ones; you needed it sooooooo bad, dreamt about it, finally got, and swatched it quickly and filed it away. Sad face.

So, I now have several polishes lined up to be reused/re-imagined. One of these is Silver Multi Glitter by the ever brilliant Barry M. I've had this for months and I did do a quick swatch but it just didn't really 'get me' once it was on my nails. 

However a quick bit of leopard printing.....



Ta dah!

I love the fact that it's silver but shot through with very fine red glitter, giving it a really 3D look. I really like how the contrast between the shimmery silver glitter makes the leopard prints look like they're floating above it somehow. In short, I know love this polish:)

The spots are Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, Barry M Berry Ice Cream and Bourjois Adora-bleu - more on this polish later..........