Friday, 24 May 2013

Hello Kitty Respect with silver studs

Whoop whoop - it's finally Friday peeps!

Happy face:)

I'm especially happy today because I've been wearing the same manicure for almost a week and it still looks amazing; therefore, my new topcoat has proven it's stripes and will henceforth be renamed 'flipping amazeballs topcoat, booyah!' - lol:)

The mani it was protecting so wonderfully is a very simple one; Hello Kitty Respect (a stunning royal blue with a lovely shimmer) with silver studs. 

Excuse the dreadful photos; Smoky climbed all over my light box earlier and knocked off one of my lamps! Toe-rag! But such a cute one....

So chuffed - btw, the amazing topcoat is Sally Hansen Diamond Shine - oooooh I love it!


  1. Ooh, pretty! Last week I ordered some studs from Born Pretty and I am dying for them to get here :P

  2. Thanks. I think you'll love them, these were cheapies (from Claires). They're perfect when you just want to jazz up a simple mani:)

    1. Yeah definitely! All I have time for at the moment is just plain polish and no art so having something to spice things up will be very useful :P