Thursday, 16 May 2013

Maybelline Polka Dots Speckled Pink

Hello peeps,

Sorry my posts are so sporadic at the moment; work is totally bonkers, and I have to admit my polish-loving is flagging at the moment.......but thankfully my interest have been grabbed by Maybelline's latest offering!

I was so excited to grab 2 of their Polka Dot range whilst in Edinburgh - I love black and white glitter polishes, you may have noticed I became a little bit obsessed with Confetti by Loreal, so these are perfect for me:)


It's a gorgeous polish, sheer pink packed with black and white matt glitter, in large, medium and small. The application is great, and it didn't go clumpy like some other polish i won't mention (oh, all right, Confetti; I'm talking about you!). Because the polish is very sheer, I decided to layer it over Barry M Bright Pink, which ended up giving it an almost neon quality; happy days! 


I've seen other blogs who have used this without layering, so I will try it at a later point, but for now I've got to try my other Polka Dot polish, Rainforest coming as soon as i can fit in some more nail painting:)