Sunday, 26 May 2013

Summer, summer, summertime.......watermelon nails!

Ah, the sun is out, beers are chilling in the fridge, BBQ meat is being purchased.....and I have the most summery nails EVER.


 I used Shocking Pink and the aptly named Watermelon (from the Gelly collection) by Barry M, thus restoring my faith in Barry M after sequin-gate.

I used my ever faithful nail art pens to add the details that, I feel, make these the shiz!

Enjoy the sunshine peeps, I'm off to laze in the sunshine while bf cooks meat on the barbie! 


  1. So cooooool! Very jealous of you out having fun in the sun while I'm stuck revising for exams :P

  2. Gorgeous! These are brilliant, I want watermelon nails! X