Sunday, 9 June 2013

Barry M Confetti Special Effects - Sour Apple swatch


Ooooh I was sooooooo naughty today; I was feeling a bit delicate after the lethal combination of late night wine consumption + early morning rising to look after small children. Gaaaah! and they're not even MY children lol. Cute enough though. But still..........crying at 7.15 is painful. So when I walked past Superdrug, well, I headed on voila!

 And the best part? It was buy 2, get a Limited Edition polish for free! Which of course meant it was ok to buy four Barry M Confetti polishes:) 

The Confetti polishes are just gorgeous. I've seen various swatches form various bloggers and was beginning to get a tad stressed that I did not have them myself. There are 5 in all, but the Marshmallow (pink and white glitter) just didn't do anything for me, so I went with four. Very virtuous:) The Limited Edition polishes are also great, jelly like and very sheer, perfect for jelly sanwiches.............more of them to come later I feel.

Annnnnnnyhoooooo, onto my first foray into the world of Confetti! I went for Sour Apple,  a combination of blue and yellow bars of glitter. I decided to layer them over Barry M Berry Ice-Cream, a stunning lilac polish (so stunning, I've almost finished it!).

Sour Apple applies easily, this is one thick coat, but from what I've seen you could layer it up to be pretty much opaque. However, although I'd intended to do that, when I saw this I couldn't bear to change it; it looked like a Zap ice-cream/lolly (anyone else know what I mean?). I love, love, love this range, I'm so excited about the rest of my haul:) 

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