Sunday, 2 June 2013

Claire's Accessories Dove Grey/Pink speckled polish - swatch

I indulged in a very guilty pleasure this weekend....oi, minds out of the gutter! I meant shopping in Claire's Accessories, the home of glitter and tat and all things synthetic and One Direction related! The reason; why polish hunting of course! And it paid off this weekend. 

Oh boy, how it paid off! Feast your eyes on this beauty!

It's a dove pink/grey colour; so beautiful, yet so subtle. It's full of black and silver specks of small glitter, and layers easily to produce this stunning speckled egg effect. Gorgeous!

It goes on easily, although you need to apply carefully; this is three coats with a small amount of judicious application to ensure the glitter went everywhere I wanted. It dried quickly and smoothly. I'm so happy with this little polish. 

As previously discussed, Claire's put the name of the polish on their receipt rather than the bottle (???!!) and stupidly I forgot to chekc it out! Gah! But this polish was only £2.50! So I can't complain:) 


  1. I bought this and on the receipt it was only called Grey Speckle Polish :-( booooring! It's lovely though x x

  2. It's super pretty (and mine was only £1!) I like this one the most out of the three.

    It also looks gorgeous with matte topcoat! Almost exactly like an egg, but...cuter lol

  3. Gorgeous! how silly not putting the name on the bottle though :O