Sunday, 30 June 2013

Neon pink leopard print - Heeeeells yeah!

Whoop whoop - spent the weekend with one of my fave girlies doing VERY girly things; specifically tiara shopping! Yes! I felt like a princess, so much glitter and sparkle. Sadly, the tiara was for my lovely friend, not me, but I still had lots of fun.

Knowing it was going to be an awesome weekend, I decided that I needed some awesome nails; what better than neon leopard print:)




I did a base layer of Barry M White before painting on the Models Own Ice Neon Bubblegum. Soooooooooooooo pink - these pictures just don't do it justice. Then I used Barry M Cyan Blue for the leopard dots and then added the details with my veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery ooooooooold nail art pen. Sunglasses at the ready!

On other exciting news, this weekend, I managed to make 50% of my meal noodle-based! Oh yeah:)