Thursday, 19 September 2013

Models Own Utopia swatch

Ok, so this polish was picked as a possible contender for Wedding Polish (a coveted position currently being vied for by the neutral and pink polishes in my collection) but probably won't be shortlisted - it'll just have to fake smile and pretend to be really happy for the polish that does win, who will get to wear a crown and cry tears of happiness.........oh wait, sorry, that's Miss America. 



Anyhoo, this is a lovely polish; it goes on easily, dries quickly, and as ever with Models Own, has a good brush - recent purchases have made me realise the value of this. It's a great work day polish, you can't get in trouble with this lovely on your nails:) But a wedding day polish.....sadly, no


  1. gorgeous colour, it suits you so well!


  2. I like this color a lot. Your introducing text is so funny! I know how hard it is to find a nude nail polish for your wedding - I have been looking for ages because I got married this year :-) Because I couldn't find a stunning classic nude I went with classic red nails.

    1. I think red would have looked stunning - tbh, i'm beginning to think, stuff traditional, maybe i'll just do leopard print. Or maybe make them my something blue - blue nails! :)