Tuesday, 29 October 2013

I'm back with a mini haul!

I'm back baby!

I really hope you're all well; apologies that my 'pause' was a bit longer than I had planned, but it's done me the world of good. Things are looking up.

And not just because I've had a mini splurge..........

Whoop whoop - the new special edition polish from Barry M - I got the one from Boots (Left) and from Superdrug (Right). Soooooooo sparkly! The red topped one is drool worthy - think it's going to be a Christmas fave:)

I also picked up the bad boy whilst in Boots; Sinful Colours, Hottie. Wowsa!

Lastly, the sexy flakie (surely an oxymoron?) from Barry M and Countess, MY FIRST TEXTURE POLISH! And boy was it worth waiting for..............


  1. Replies
    1. They're great aren't they - inexpensive but with such a great range! I think I have almost all of them now, maybe I should be a bit worried?

  2. Yaaay good to have you back! So jealous that you are able to get Sinful Colors in Boots - my local one still isn't stocking them :(

    1. Thanks, it's good to be back. Grrrrr to your local Boots, you need Sinful Colours in your life - do they do them online?

    2. Yes but then you have to pay for postage! So it stops them being so cheap :(

    3. Face-palm - yeah, should have thought of that before offering such 'useful' advice lol, sorry:)