Thursday, 19 December 2013

Barry M Boots Special Edition polish - bar glitter

Oh wow - this polish is a party in a bottle...a stunning combination of bar glitter in what I consider to be some pretty dam Christmassy colours, red, green and purple (ok, purple isn't traditional, but for me it's the colour of Quality Street wrappers, and they ARE Christmassy:)

I layered this lovely over GOSH Deep Purple. Et volia!

My camera made the purple look a bit blue, apologies:)

Anyhoo, the best of parties are often followed by hangover. And so it is with this polish. The bar glitter is a pain in the ahem! It sticks out over the nail, sticks up in the air, I actually had to pick out pieces using tweezers. However, I got so many compliments about these, it was almost worth it (almost - I almost sliced my corneas off when doing my contact lenses!)

Would I wear it again? Er, probably. But on a day I was wearing my specs:)

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