Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Snow....I wish.

Ahhhh, a snowday - wouldn't that be ideal? I'd pop on my warmest socks, keep my pjs on, eat buttered toast and drink hot choccie and sit on the sofa watching Home Alone, Muppets Christmas Carol, any classic Chrimbo movie................bliss.

But - not yet. So I'll settle for snowy nails. This white glitter polish is one of the many I picked up in Argentina. It cost less than 75p and has no name, simply an unintelligible amount of beautiful Chinese characters. I'm sure you can imagine the quality.............


I so love the glitter mix; red, white, gold and blue glitter, happiness. I really like the mix of matt white and shiny colours. Sweet:)


I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this combo - but the glitter top coat is a killer - it just doesn't dry. At all! I waited for soooooo long, and then painted a topcoat over the top simply so I could go to bed. As you can see, this didn't work well; instead it just bubbled like a b^&%$. 

Ahhhhh, but it looks like snow, so it's ok:)


  1. This combination looks great! The bright blue base really shows off the glitter! It's a shame it took so long to dry!

  2. Thank you:) It is a shame, cos I'd love to wear it more often, I just can't sit still for that long lol:)