Sunday, 5 January 2014

Christmas haul!

Hey peeps, I'm back - Happy New Year!

I had a wonderful NYE, fiancee and I headed to Aachen, in Germany, with a few friends. We cooked lots of yummy food (cheese, meat, cheese, meat, meat and cheese combined, and pasta - carb heaven!) and then ate, drank, were merry and headed out at midnight to watch the city illuminated by beautiful fireworks - it was stunning (although the fire engines that zoomed past at regular intervals were a bit disconcerting:)

Anyhoo, I was lucky enough to be given some lovely gifts at Christmas, some by fiancee and some lol:)

Left to right - Dazzle, In The Navy and Rage, all by Orly. These were gifts from my lovely fiancee:).................

...........and these were presents from me, to me! I was left unsupervised in Birmingham Airport for more than a few minutes and ended up with these cuties.

L to R; Bronze Medal, Fluffy, Silver Holo, Dollar, all by Claire's. 

Excited to see that Claire's have enlarged their bottles and started naming their polishes - whoop whoop! 

Swatches coming soon peeps x